Lead Test Engineer

at ComplyAdvantage , from Sep 2018 to Apr 2021

Worked on a large AML cutting-edge platform based on web services built with Python (Flask) and Node/TypeScript, k8s/AWS, Kafka:

  • Implemented automation test tooling, developed test strategies while promoting quality best practices
  • Built test tooling for validating the transition from a PHP monolith to several microservices
  • Built a load/performance test framework based on k6.io, used extensively for Production environments optimizations
  • Built an E2E test regression framework based on Cypress.io; E2E backend test regression framework based on Python/Pytest;implemented testing best practices in several services (testing in isolation the Angular frontend with Cypress, service virtualization using Mountebank)
  • Implemented testing in isolation of microservices based on event streaming (Kafka)
  • Redone ComplyAdvantage Public API documentation from plain HTML to Hugo/Slate static site generator (see here: https://docs.complyadvantage.com/api-docs/)
  • Managed a team of 8 test engineers, built test projects for hiring purposes, handled technical interviews. Part of several committees focused on best practices, processes improvement