Staff Software Developer Engineer in Test - Consultant

at Hopin , from Apr 2021 to Apr 2022

Worked on a revolutionary Ruby on Rails/React/Nextjs Hopin events platform as part of the Engineering Productivity team:

  • Helped the organization move towards real CI/CD, moving from weekly manual Production deployments to several daily releases, validated by several layers of tests
  • Built endpoints in the monolith used for generating test data in test environments, used by e2e, performance, and acceptance tests.
  • Significantly improved E2E TestCafe tests speed by refactoring for parallelization, generating test data directly into the backend, applying best coding practices
  • Refactored or created TypeScript packages used by several tools into a monorepo driven by Lerna
  • Mentored engineers around tests implementation (TestCafe, Pytest), best practices, test strategies